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Kids playing in schoolyard with Mural in background


Enrichment clubs are a cornerstone of the vibrant educational environment at PS 889. These clubs, facilitated by dedicated parents and teachers, serve as invaluable extensions of classroom learning, offering students the chance to explore diverse interests and develop new skills outside of their regular curriculum. Held once per week, they provide a dynamic platform where students can delve deeper into subjects that captivate their curiosity, fostering a love for lifelong learning.

Enrichment clubs change over time based on who is leading them. We have organizations come in and offer experiences such as ballet or violin residencies. And we encourage all parents to come forward to their child's teacher with ideas they have to share their interests, hobbies, or professional knowledge and skills to the classroom.

The following is a collection of some the recent enrichment clubs that have been a part of our students' experience at PS 889.

Stop-Motion Animation

Students worked in small groups to create the animated scenes included in this film. Throughout the residency, students worked with animation software, utilized laptop computers and webcams, and were introduced to a variety of animation techniques.

4th grade students created this stop motion animation based on the Aesop's fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare."

5th grade students worked with Puppetry in Practice artists to create this stop motion animation based on the Langston Hughes poem, "The City."

3rd grade students made this stop motion animation based on the Jack Prelutsky poem, "A Pizza the Size of the Sun."


Chess Club

Group of students at table with dishes they prepared

Cooking Club

Students playing basketball in gymnasium


Four kindergarten students with tools in the garden


Student looking at picture in camera with teacher

Photography Club

Students posing with flyer for dance club

Dance Club

One student taking a photo of four other students


eight students in a line playing violins

Violin residency with The Brooklyn Conservatory

Cast from student production of lion king

Musical Theater Club

Student in art smock holding up a print

Art Club

three students standing around a microphone


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